The Dwelling Place bed and breakfast occupies a Craftsman-style house that we—Doug and Beverly Terpstra—completely restored and finished in December 2012.

Before becoming our B&B, the house had been a dentist’s office for some 20 years. Prior to being a dentist’s office, it was home to a variety of families. The house looks very similar to the houses on either side—that’s because brothers built all three!

We contemplated the work and time that would be necessary to transform the house into a welcoming bed and breakfast for a long time before we finally said yes. The day before we made our decision, we decided to pray. The Lord spoke to Doug and said, “Build Me a place where I may dwell.”  Thus our B&B was named “The Dwelling Place.”

We enjoy opening up our home to guests, hoping you find a place of peace and refreshment, where you can encounter the Living God. We like visiting with our guests, and discovering who you are and your journey. We rejoice in giving encouragement to the downtrodden and praying for those who need hope.

Doug enjoys landscaping and building small woodworking projects. Beverly loves the 16 grandchildren and enjoys doting on them in her spare time.